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Posted :2/12/2007

These photos are of may hairline just befor and during my

Hair Transplant procedure.

my-procedure-with-dr-gabel - the new hair line drawn

The new hair line drawn in

my-procedure-with-dr-gabel - this photo was taken

This photo was taken immediately after the hair transplant session, fut's are all in and I look like a bloody mess (sorry, I'm a bleeder). You can get an idea of density by viewing the hairs in profile, to the left side of photo.

my-procedure-with-dr-gabel - this photo shows how

This photo shows how many individual incisions and how close together they are (density) prior to receiving the fut's. Those are teeny-tiny incisions!!

my-procedure-with-dr-gabel - front view

Front View

my-procedure-with-dr-gabel - this is an excellent

This is an excellent photo of how severe my hairloss actually was. You may also be able to see the ugly scar from my forehead surgery.