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Posted :1/15/2006

I don't want to repeat everything that has already been said about this outstanding clinic, but what a fantastic experience!!!!

a cosmetic dentist, I've very critical of what is promised and what is
delivered. I can honestly say that they exceeded my expectations.

news was that Dr.cooley said I have an additional 5000 grafts to play
with in the future. I can't wait for these to grow in and schedule
another procedure. It was 100% painless.

They worked from 7:30
am until 9:00 pm. Dr. Cooley had to place between 80-90% himself. He
sent his staff home at six and for the next three hours worked
meticulously alone.

I have to say that talking with him for
three straight hours, I came to not only respect him as a physician and
colleague, but as a decent down to earth human being as well. Believe
me, I deal with health professionals every day, he's a rare find.

1-13-06first-hair-transplant-2600-grafts - post op

Post op same day

1-13-06first-hair-transplant-2600-grafts - extreme

Extreme close up day of surgery

1-13-06first-hair-transplant-2600-grafts - pre op

pre op day of 1st Surgery 1-13-06