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Posted :1/15/2006

The 21 year old versus 36 year old photos are very dramatic and "life
isn't fair" does come to mind. But I have to tell you that although
I've lost my hair, the blessings I HAVE recieved makes me think that
"life isn't fair" as well. At 21, I was alone, unemployed, poor, drunk,
and miserable. At 36, I am happily married to a wonderful woman (who
knew me when I had hair), I have three children - awaiting a fourth,
own two dental practices, confident, wealthy and successful from
earthly standards, and I have a wonderful family - so I agree life
isn't fair - I've been blessed beyond my wildest dreams. By the way I'm
bald - doesn't seem so bad.

This is a hair restoration site, so
hair is the most important thing here, but let us not forget ALL the
important things in life.

life-isnt-fair - before hairloss - life sucks

Before hairloss - life sucks

life-isnt-fair - after hairloss - life is good

After hairloss - life is good