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Posted :12/20/2007

I'm pretty sure that I had some shockloss from my hair transplant, as by now the shaved native hair is about as long as it was before the Dr shaved it. I'm really not too worried about that, just was mostly worried to have to go in again for a second hair transplant procedure. I've seen guys pics on here and I cant remember their names, but they had the same loss pattern, and received about the same number of grafts and after it grew in, it appeared that it was very dense, and wouldnt need another procedure.
I'm not sure if the Dr could of gotten more grafts; I never asked. Originally at my consultation he estimated about 2500; up to joking 3000 if my wife would ok it. Told him there was none, and to place 3000. So I guess if he estimated 2500, 3281 should give a pretty good density, right?

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