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Posted :10/2/2007

The scalp is not red at all, and as of today, not one scab. Most of the hairs are still in, with a few shedding yesterday and today. Not an ounce of pain in either the donor or recipient area.  I've restarted Dr Lee's 15% Xandrox at night and 5% Xandrox in the day all over the scalp.  I've also been taking 2.5mg of finasteride per day for 10 years now, not to mention MSM after the procedure. Hopefully the growth will be as good as the healing! This is a last pic from today to show all the scabbing and redness gone. That one dot is a mole that I had all my life. Hopefully this will be the last few months that i'll see it! This will be the last pic in a few months as i'm sure nothing new will be happening at least until 3 months. A few more graft hairs fell today, maybe 10-15. Hopefully the minoxidil and propecia will help most to stay in (yea, right).

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