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Posted :9/23/2008

Woo Hooo! Hair is starting to come in and I'm nearing my THIRD haircut where I will finally get rid of the "horseshoe cover up".I know it's early yet but since week 5 I've been seeing little stubble growing in. As you'll see in the close up it's probably only 10-20% of the total hair transplanted but it's a START!  

2-months - wet - interior light

Wet - interior light

2-months - dry w/ daylight

Dry w/ Daylight

2-months - stubble - not greatest shot i did it myself

STUBBLE - Not the greatest shot (I did it myself, handheld) The slightly longer stubble is the stuff that started 3 weeks ago, but you can also see some new stubble here and there. (This shot is at the hairline. (so it's slightly less dense but easier to see at closeup)

2-months - dry with interior lighting

Dry with interior lighting