La-La-Land's - Profile page 9-Months

Posted :4/23/2009

I got one of the shortest haircuts I've had about 3 weeks ago (right after last pics) and it's still pretty short (for me at least.) I was really happy about how full it looked. I rarely wear 'toppik' now, although I look great with it. It's still think enough without it that I don't use it as much. It's not perfect and I'm sure I'll need more work done down the road but for one procedure I think I got amazing results. Very happy.

9-months - dry- w/ daylight top

Dry- w/ Daylight, Top

9-months - dry- w/ daylight

Dry- w/ Daylight

9-months - wet- w/ daylight

Wet- w/ Daylight

9-months - wet- w/ daylight top

Wet- w/ Daylight, Top