La-La-Land's - Profile page Day-1

Posted :7/23/2008

Day 1

Weening myself off Vicodin the morning after and onto lots of Ibuprofen. Really helped keep swelling down and pain away (until they wear off) Kept waking up to spray GraftCyte on hair and looking in the mirror with pride and disbelief!

***Boy I really underestimated the discomfort in the donor area. I'm at day 9 as I write this and it's still tight, numb here and there and some pain. So I'm still taking ibuprofen (advil) which is doing a good job. I chose to have the STAPLES taken out on Monday (which is day 13) Hopefully it will feel more 'healed'!

day-1 - 6000 hairs yay

6000 HAIRS!!! Yay!

day-1 -