La-La-Land's - Profile page Day-2

Posted :7/24/2008

Day 2

Woke up with tons of fluid in forehead and eyes area. Could hardly see. People in the breakfast area of hotel looked at me strangely, probably thought I had some kind of disease. ;) I googled this and found that you could gently massage the fluid out and away toward the side of the head and that the gravity that put it there would continue to move it away. This worked great! I highly recommend this over ice and meds as most of this fluid is simply the stuff they put in for surgery coming down.

My dad showed up this day and we headed east to do some fishing father/son style. I was able to swing by Shapiro for a bonus second shampoo after these photos were taken.

day-2 - some nasty scabs. i should have been using

Some nasty scabs. I should have been using those pads they gave me with the graftcyte but I forgot.