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Posted :11/12/2011

Hi all,
Im a few days shy of the 4 month mark for ht #2 and right at the 1 year mark for ht #1.  I suppose this is the final result for the hairline work from the first op.  I am very happy with the result and feel that it has given me a more youthful appearance and a lot more confidence.  Although its a conservative "mature" hairline design, I don't have the fear that its receding like I had the last time my hairline was in this location several years ago.  The area just behind the forelock, the crown and the temple points from the second op are progressing on schedule.  Its harder for me to monitor whats going on in the crown.  When touch that area with my hand, it feels like I have full coverage but when I look at it with mirrors, I can still see some scalp although much less than one month ago.  The temples are starting to fill in, the right is stronger than the left but based on my last experience, I know that 4 months is just the starting point,

4-months - crown


4-months - right front

Right front

4-months - crown


4-months - left front

left front

4-months - right temple

right temple

4-months - left temple

left temple