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Posted :7/21/2011

As planned, I went in for my second ht to complete the frontal third and address the crown and temple points.  Due to the wavy nature of my hiar and other characteritics the doc felt we could get decent coverage and a decnt result without a lot of density.  Im amazed at the area he was able to cover with 2500 grafts.  He added around 1,000 to area around and just behind the forelock to complete the frontal 3rd, around 1200 to the crown, the remaing 300 were used on the temple points and a small addition to the hairline. I will try to post some pics of the temple points after I do some cropping.

ht#2-2500-grafts - day 3 post op

Day 3 post op

ht#2-2500-grafts - preop crown

preop crown

ht#2-2500-grafts - birds eye view during op sorry

Birds eye view during op (sorry about the blood but thats the only good shot I have from this view)

ht#2-2500-grafts - preop front this pics is consult

Preop front (this pics is from a consult back in March so it doesnt show my current hairline growth from ht#1)

ht#2-2500-grafts - front taken few hours post op

front taken a few hours post op