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Posted :2/22/2012

At this point I am very happy with my hair transplant. The longer hair looks a lot better than shorter hair because it gives an illusion of density. If the hair is flipped up it looks pretty good. I still use Toppik (but not in these pictures) to make it appear even more dense.

I have no troubles with the scar. Cut down to a #3 it's not visible.

I am very glad I had this procedure done as I am no longer depressed or ever feel like my hair is an issue when I go out.

Dr. Rahal said I should be good for another 4-5 years and while I'm not looking forward to another procedure, it has definitely increased my quality of life at the moment.

february-22-2012-8-months - right side semi-wet. you

Right side semi-wet. You can see the density isn't 100% but it's a lot better than what it was prior to the surgery. At best a hair transplant will achieve 50-60% density and I believe we have achieved those results here. Also, with the hair flipped up there is an illusion of increased density. It would be best to see one in person to understand what I mean.

february-22-2012-8-months -

february-22-2012-8-months - left side-semi-wet. the

Left side-semi-wet. The hair in the picture looks more dense than it actually is. Again, if you flip the hair up the hair appears more dense b/c all the hairs are layered over each other. Also, this side had more natural hair on it prior to the transplant so it does appear more dense.

february-22-2012-8-months - these first 2 pictures

These first 2 pictures show my hair flipped up in the front so you can see the hairline. The middle area is more dense than the sides because my forelock still exists in the middle surrounded by transplanted hair. My hair is gelled in these first 2 pictures.