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Posted :1/22/2012

Last week I met with Dr. Rahal and he is happy with my progress but understands that more growth will occur. I am happy with the progress as well but I was hoping for more density similar to what this guy experienced.


Right now I can only achieve that density with Toppik, which I'm okay with. It certainly looks better than 

Since my hair has grown out I decided to go to a hair stylist to see what they could do with it. I wanted to see how it would look short. Unfortunately, the hairdresser cut it too short. My hair if cut too short doesn't stand up straight so I can't style it the way I'd like in these pictures. Also, she did some texturing bullshit and cut it unevenly so the hair in the forelock area is not even. For $45 I was not impressed and will just stick to my normal hair dresser.

The right side was the larger area that was transplanted into. The hair is too short to stand up so you can't really appreciate the hairline that was created like you can in the 5 month pictures. 

In the future I will keep the top longer to get the illusion that I have more hair, as is the goal with a hair transplant.


january-22nd-2012-7-months-right-side - in this picture

In this picture you can see some red pimples which means hair is still growing in.

january-22nd-2012-7-months-right-side - when styled

When styled and when Toppik is used I can achieve a solid looking density. Even if I have to use Toppik the rest of my life I'm fine with it because my hair looks way better than it used to. Initially I thought I could get a great density without the use of Toppik like other hair transplant patients. I guess we'll see how much more growth there is in the coming months.

january-22nd-2012-7-months-right-side -

january-22nd-2012-7-months-right-side -

january-22nd-2012-7-months-right-side -

january-22nd-2012-7-months-right-side -