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Posted :9/28/2011

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september-27-2011 - these pictures show my gelled

These pictures show my gelled and with Toppik. At the 3 month mark I am extremely pleased with the look I can get. It is by no means perfect nor does it look like the hairline I had at 16 or most of the guys at my age have but a hair transplant is a solution, not a cure. We're merely trying to make the best of my situation and I can definitely live with my hair like this. It is WAY BETTER than it was only a few months ago. I can once again confidently walk around without a hat and it feels absolutely incredible!!!!

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september-27-2011 - i got haircut last week to 4 scar

I got a haircut last week to a 4 and the scar was still visible. 3 should be the minimum when all of the shocklossed hair returns. It was probably a bit ambitious at this point in time because the scar was even more visible last week. The left side and back of my head are completely invisible although when I was leaning on a wall today I could feel a bit of tension in the back of my head so I am still aware the scar is there.

september-27-2011 - this picture shows how dr. rahal

This picture shows how Dr. Rahal designed my hair line. (I drew it just now, maybe hair transplant surgeon is my calling?) The grey pencil drawing shows my hairline prior to the surgery. The red area shows areas that were thinning. The closer the line, the more loss I had in that area. The blue line and dots show the transplanted area. The forelock area was uneven initially. Dr. Rahal placed my transplanted hairline behind the forelock hairline because those hairs will eventually fall out. In the pictures below you will see that my hairline is uneven about 0.5cm in front of the transplanted hairline on the right side and 0.25cm on the left side. It is noticeable but barely. I can certainly live with it!

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