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Posted :11/9/2008

These photos summarise my second HT experience. The operation was conducted by the maestro, Dr. Ron Shapiro. I think that the results speak for themselves.

dr.-shapiro-29-12-2003 - this is close up temples.

This is a close up of the temples. This is something I was not happy with. I especially found that these made me look older, and felt that I could have more density there. April 2008

dr.-shapiro-29-12-2003 - another temple photo. april

Another temple photo. April 2008

dr.-shapiro-29-12-2003 - this pre-op photo taken by

This a pre-op photo taken by Dr. Shapiro's staff. Dec 2003

dr.-shapiro-29-12-2003 - taken my hotel room night

Taken from my hotel room the night of the operation. Dec 2003This

dr.-shapiro-29-12-2003 - this is close up hairline

This is a close up of the hairline, also in April 2008 i.e. 4 years and 4 months after the second operation. The hairline was soft and very natural looking.

dr.-shapiro-29-12-2003 - this is photo me in april

This is a photo of me in April 2008. As you can see, Shapiro's work was astoundingly good. The hairline quality was such a huge improvement.