M1A1's - Profile page Week-26

Posted :3/10/2010

So, I am now at week 26-gradual improvement.
For me, the first 16 weeks were going great, very little shock loss and my hair line looked good at week 13. This was even after three flare ups of folliculitis. In addition, I started to notice a little shed around weeks 18-20. Fortunately it did stop. During this time I had another flare up and it went away again, thank goodness...Also started to notice another little shed about 5-10 hairs in my comb from week 24 to the present...   
Now I am at week 26 and I have noticed my right side is growing much faster than my left. Interestingly enough, my left side looks very wiry and it looks less thick than it did before. I spoke to the doc about this and he said uneven growth can occur...Still have a ways to go...
To sum up, The Doc, Dr. Ron Shapiro has been exceptional in his post up care with me. There were several SUNDAYS and late evenings that he spoke to me to address my folliculitis What is even more exceptional is that we had long conversations when he was under the weather... His bedisde manner is awesome and I continue to stand by my statement that he is a doctor who actually cares about his patients and their end results. Not to mention, when ever we spoke on the phone, it did not fell like he was in Minnesota and I was on the east coast...  

week-26 - close up / profile shot-right side

Close up / profile shot-right side

week-26 - other side

Other side

week-26 - close up / profile shot-left part side

Close up / profile shot-left part side

week-26 - back shot sitting down

Back Shot sitting down

week-26 - front shot

Front Shot

week-26 - front under bathroom lights

Front under bathroom lights