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Posted :5/15/2009

Here are a few pictures of my progress 7 days post-op. I experienced quite a bit of swelling (thankfully, now gone) which caused some bruising and contusions on my face and neck after the swelling subsided. In my final post-op appointment, Dr. Rahal said that I bruise very easily.

In these photos below, I still have a few scabs in the recipient area, but these all came off the following day. I'm very happy with the shape of the new hairline and my scar seems to be healing quite well with very minimal scabbing and no oozing whatsoever.  I have been using Polysporin (which I picked up in Canada) on the donor scar and washing it twice daily.

I'm also quite surprised at the small amount of post-op "redness" I'm
experiencing on my scalp, particularly since my surgery was bloodier than most and
also because my complexion is very pale. Fingers crossed it will only continue to fade!

1-week-post-op - frontal view my new hairline. i love

Frontal view of my new hairline. I love seeing those temples filled in!

1-week-post-op - frontal view showing how new hairline

Frontal view, showing how the new hairline frames my face structure. Here, you can notice contusions down the left side of my neck.

1-week-post-op - back donor scar area is healing well

Back donor scar area is healing well at 1 week. Also have some bruising visible behind my ears.

Elevated frontal view of my new hairline.

1-week-post-op - left right temple views. note residual

Left and right temple views. Note the residual bruising on the left temple.

1-week-post-op - overhead view. the few remaining

Overhead view. The few remaining scabs came off in the shower the very next day.