Mane-Attraction's - Profile page 12-Months-Post-op

Posted :5/7/2010

Well, I've reached the 12 month mark. Seems like the time has just flown by and now I have a full head of hair! One year onward from sitting in Dr. Rahal's hotseat, I can say that my results haven't thickened much more since the 8-Month mark, but I had already considered my results to be above average at 8-Months anyway, so all-in-all, things seem to have evened out over time. Right up till the 12-Month mark, I have continued to feel small bits of stubble (new hairs?) coming through the scalp, so I presume that subtle growing and thickening has still been taking place the entire time.

I'm really pleased with the 'final' results. The left side seems to be a little thicker than the right. The techs experienced some 'oozing' in the right temple area when they were putting the grafts in which slowed down the process a bit, so perhaps not as many grafts survived on that side. Nevertheless, the appearance of hair growth/distribution looks evenly-spaced to the casual eye and not a single person suspects I've had any work done.

Numbness has been present on the top of my head the entire 12-Months. Only in the past month or so have I gradually started to get some feeling back there. It feels so nice to finally be able to scratch my head and relieve an itchy scalp once more!

Interestingly, I have discovered that hair loss must not have really been psychologically bothering me all that much prior to my surgery. Because unlike others, my successful results haven't really boosted by confidence or morale above the level that they were at previously. I guess this experience was more about what was personal to me, rather than going through it due to what others might think of my appearance.

Looking forward, I would like for a little more thickness in the temple and hairline (hey, who wouldn't!?). I attribute this not to my surgery, but mainly to the fact that I have very fine, light hair, so I'm guessing more of it, densely-packed, is required get a proper illusion of thickness. If I were to get another procedure at some point in the future, I'd also like to maybe lower the hairline by about a finger-width and also define the temple-angles a little better. But I'll most likely wait a few more years to see if any more hair on top of my scalp wants to fall out before deciding what to do next. Hopefully, by that time, that magical solution known as "hair-cloning" will be a reality (well, I can hope!)

In conclusion, it was extremely worthwhile getting HT surgery done, and quite an interesting journey to boot. I'd definitely recommend this to anyone who's concerned about their hair-loss, with the caveat that they spend the time researching modern HT's and choose a good surgeon who has a reliable track record.

12-months-post-op - top back views at 1 year. top

Top and back views at 1 year. Top photo taken outdoors with natural lighting. Back photo taken indoors with flash. (No trace of a donor scar here!)

12-months-post-op - temples at 1 year. indoors with

Temples at 1 year. Indoors with natural lighting. Under harsh lighting or under florescents at night, this area can still look a little see-through (and the scalp pink) when up-close. But no problems when viewing it from a little further back.

12-months-post-op - left right temple areas at 1 year.

Left and right temple areas at 1 year. Taken indoors with flash.

12-months-post-op - front view at 1 year outdoors

Front view at 1 year, Outdoors with natural lighting (top) and indoors with flash (bottom).

12-months-post-op - hairline at 1 year. top two photos

Hairline at 1 year. Top two photos taken indoors with natural window light. Bottom one taken indoors with flash. Brushed back (top), brushed forward (middle), and pulled back (bottom).

12-months-post-op - left right profiles at 1 year.

Left and right profiles at 1 year. Outdoors in natural lighting. Hair was starting to get really annoying at this length, but I wanted to grow it out for the first 12 months to see how transplanted hair would look when grown longer (Conclusion: kinda thin after only 1 pass, and looks thicker when shorter.)