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Posted :7/7/2009

I know most people say that the first few months seem to drag on forever, but time seems to have flown by quickly for me. It seems like just last week since I was sitting in Rahal's chair!In any event, today marks my 2 month surgery anniversary and if the reported timeline is to be believed, my halfway point through the doldrums stage. As is to be expected, there's not an overly large difference since my 1-month update photos. It seems that a few of the transplanted hairs that didn't shed are beginning to show initial signs of growth -- nothing major yet, though. I've been getting only a few small pimples in the recipient area and am not sure whether to expect an onslaught in the weeks ahead. The redness on my scalp is clearing up bit by bit, though I'm still wearing a hat in public because my native hair isn't long enough yet to cover the transplanted areas.My donor scar is healing well on the right side of my head, but I'm a little concerned that the left side seems a bit wider and more visible due to shock loss. I haven't cut or trimmed my hair since surgery as I wanted the native hair to cover the scar until my results grow out. I'm keeping my fingers crossed that the shocked hair surrounding the donor area will grow back and that the appearance of the scar on the left side of my head will improve drastically in coming months.I tried to take the photos below in the harshest conditions possible. The first bunch were taken with wet hair, just after stepping out of the shower and the flash was used. The second set were taken in direct sunlight with no flash. (Thankfully it was a sunny winter's day!)I still have a fair amount of numbness in my scalp. Though the sensation does seem to be gradually returning from the front and working its way back over time. The area where my transplated hair meets my native hair is still 90% numb. The feeling has nearly fully returned in my donor area at the back of my head (the sides are already 100%). I feel more tenderness there than numbness at this point.
I'm excited that the coming month or so should see me approaching the turning point -- Hopefully that'll occur sooner than later and that my next blog entry will be written by a hairier person. Till then!

2-months-post-op - left right profiles temples taken

Left and right profiles and temples, taken outside without the flash. You can see how noticeable the left side of the scar is in the left profile image.

2-months-post-op - left right profile photos taken

Left and right profile photos, taken indoors with wet hair. Flash used. The donor scar is more visible when my hair is wet. It's almost non-detectable with dry hair in normal room lighting conditions.

2-months-post-op - front top back photos taken indoors

Front, top, and back photos, taken indoors just after stepping out of the shower. Flash used.

2-months-post-op - various pics my donor scar. the

Various pics of my donor scar. The left side seems wider than the right and also has more shock loss beneath the donor line. The 1st image shows the thinnest area on the left side. The 2nd and 3rd images show the widest part on the left side. The 4th image shows the right side for easy comparison.

2-months-post-op - front top photos taken outside

Front and top photos, taken outside without the flash.