Mane-Attraction's - Profile page 2-Weeks-Post-op:-Suture-removal

Posted :5/22/2009

The past two weeks since my surgery date
seem to have flown by! I had my sutures removed today at a local clinic. Aside
from a few small tugs and minor pinches the stitches came out easily. 15
minutes later my head felt great to finally be free of them. Both the nurse
and doctor who I spoke with at the clinic were amazed at the intricacy and
detail of the hair transplant work and said that the results look great which
was nice to hear! The nurse said she had never seen (or removed) sutures quite
like these before and found the experience of removing them to be very

Aside from that, a few hairs up top are
starting to shed, signifying that the great follicular exodus draws nigh. I also
seem to have acquired a minor amount of shock loss on the left side of my head,
above the ear. This area was always more red and tender than any other place
along the donor scar and wearing a baseball cap always put pressure on it. I
think a suture knot was causing the irritation, so hopefully it'll clear up now
that they've been removed.

Even though I had planned to discontinue
minoxidil forever, after 2 weeks of "umm'ing and ahh'ing", I decided
to start back up on it again. The hair loss in my mid-scalp region only really
picked up when I ceased minoxidil last time. So I'm hoping that by going back
onto it again (the foam), I can hold the rest of my mid-scalp and crown hair
for a longer amount of time, in order to stave off another hair transplant for a while yet.
Besides, Dr. Rahal's post-op instructions recommend it for the transplanted
grafts anyhow... might as well maximize my chances of having great results.

2-weeks-post-op-suture-removal - back my head after

Back of my head after suture removal (dry hair).

2-weeks-post-op-suture-removal - back my head wet

Back of my head (wet after a shower) with the sutures still in.

2-weeks-post-op-suture-removal - extreme close-up

Extreme close-up (WOOOOOOOOAAAAH!) of my donor scar. Seems to be healing well, if a little scabby.

2-weeks-post-op-suture-removal - back my head after

Back of my head after suture removal (post-shower).

2-weeks-post-op-suture-removal - left right profile

Left and right profile shots (wet hair). Did I mention that I really like the way the new hairline and temple points are taking shape -- too bad they'll disappear soon! The white areas along the donor scar seem to be a mixture of Polysporin ointment (which didn't wash off in the shower) and moist scabs.

2-weeks-post-op-suture-removal - a close-up small

A close-up of the small, red area above my left ear where a minor amount of shock less seems to be present below the donor scar.