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Posted :8/7/2009

3 months in and things are starting to take a turn for the better. An amusing story... I had to fly to the US for a presentation 2 weeks ago and at that stage, my transplanted hair was still very short and wispy, and the surrounding native hair wasn't providing enough coverage to disguise the recipient area. So I decided to buy some Toppik for the occasion. Unfortunately, the only place I could find that sells the stuff in Melbourne was Dr. Barry White's office. His company seems to be the official Australian outlet for it. I had mixed feelings about purchasing anything from Dr White, considering the sub par transplant work his clinic seems to do... but in the end, I really needed the Toppik and his company seemed to be the only place to get it, so I bit the bullet. The woman behind the counter offered to sprinkle some Toppik on my hair before I paid, in order to do a color match. After I decided on the light brown color, she began to subtly pitch hair transplant surgery to me as a better solution. I got quite a kick out of that! Either it means that Dr. Rahal's work is so good that his work is undetectable to others in the industry (even at this early stage) or that Dr. Barry White's work is so bad that even his own staff do not know what a real hair transplant looks like! Perhaps a little of both? While I was in the States I was far too busy to check my hair every second of the day, and by the time I returned home, I was surprised to find that my transplanted hair was noticeably longer and thicker on the day of my 3 month surgery anniversary. The donor scar finally seems to be covered up by hair on all sides of my head, although the width of the donor scar on the left side still concerns me when the hair is pulled aside. Hope the shocked hair will grow back soon and start to improve the appearance in that area.
The recipient area on the top of my head is now well disguised by the surrounding native hair -- so much so, that it's hard to get decent photos of the transplanted grafts without pulling the native hair really far to the side. The transplanted hair is thinly growing in and is already quite long and is also getting darker by the day. I don't think I'll need to wear a baseball cap around much anymore. It's time to start gradually and subtly weaning friends and family members onto the fact that I'll have hair soon by removing the cap forever and allowing them to see it grow, even if they don't notice the gradual day-by-day process. Should be fun to see the reactions I get!I don't really have much numbness in the donor area, but it's still a bit tender to lie on. I'll be glad once the tenderness subsides for good. The recipient area is still nearly completely numb on the very top of my head. My temples are partially numb, yet the feeling is starting to return there and the recipient area isn't tender like the donor.I'm pleased with my progress so far and am glad to have finally reached the end of the doldrums period. I'm looking forward to see what's in store for the next month. Watch this space... 

3-months-post-op - temples at 3 months. these are

Temples at 3 months. These are close-up photos which show the thickness, color, and direction of the grafts in the temple region at this stage in the game.

3-months-post-op - profile views. the outdoor profile

Profile views. The outdoor profile images are a more accurate representation of how things really look.

3-months-post-op - the back my head at 3 months. the

The back of my head at 3 months. The donor scar is completely undetectable, although there's a slight "hat hair" effect where the incision was made, this would probably be fixed by giving my back and sides a once-over with the clippers. I haven't buzzed my hair since the surgery. I might try that at some point over the coming month to even things out.

3-months-post-op - front view at 3 months. the native

Front view at 3 months. The native hair covers the transplanted grafts nicely when viewed from this angle.

3-months-post-op - top frontal view. my hair has been

Top frontal view. My hair has been pulled back so that the transplanted areas can be seen more clearly.

3-months-post-op - overhead view. indoors outdoors

Overhead view. Indoors and outdoors pics. Again, the outdoors image is the more accurate representation here.