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Posted :9/7/2009

Growth has really kicked into top gear for me between months 3 and 4. It has been interesting waiting and waiting for the first signs of growth over the first 3 months, which all amounts to nothing -- and then suddenly seeing a transformation take place almost overnight!I'm no longer wearing a baseball cap. I removed it weeks ago and almost instantly started receiving baffled glances from people. My sister was the first to comment (she had previously seen me with longer hair). She said, "I think your hair looks much better like that!" and then kind of did a double-take and said "Is that thicker?!" I just shrugged it off and said I guess it must be an optical illusion caused by the shorter haircut! My dad (who knows about my surgery) was in the room at the time and chuckled at this.Though the transplanted grafts are growing in quickly now, they are still pretty thin and fine. When looking at them from the front, they seem thicker. But when viewed from the side, they are almost see-through. Also, when my recipient area is examined up-close, there seem to be bare patches of scalp where no hairs have broken the surface yet. These barren areas are located behind the hairline, further toward the back where my former temple points use to be. It's obvious that I still have many months of growth and thickening ahead.In the back and sides of my head, the donor area is still a little tender. But I would say 85% of the feeling has returned. It's gradually coming back, very slowly. On the top, the temples are slowly regaining more feeling, but the top, center is still mostly numb. I'll be glad when the feeling returns there!
I'm very impressed with my graft growth to date, especially for only 4 months. However, with the good also comes some bad. It seems my donor scar may have stretched as wide as 5mm in some points and it would probably be noticeable if I shave my hair down to a lower guard number (though, I haven't tried it yet). Bare in mind that I followed Dr. Rahal's post-op instructions to a T. I performed scalp exercises for 4 months prior to my surgery date, I played it extremely careful and haven't done any heavy lifting or performed any strenuous activity since my surgery in May, I washed the donor scar twice every day and kept it very clean, I slept upright, and I even put Polysporin on it to aid healing. Despite all of this, it seems my scar has still stretched, and I wanted to make mention of this to educate potential patients that even if you choose a top Doctor, even if you do EVERYTHING right and follow the most optimal instructions, scar stretching can still happen! Of course, I am still in the early stages. My scar is still quite red and the shockloss is only beginning to grow back. Dr Rahal has asked me to wait another few months for the redness to subside further and also to let some of the hair grow through the tricho-scar. However, I can certainly see that there's unquestionable stretching in the portion of the scar above my right ear (the area I mentioned having trouble with in earlier blogs). Kind of annoying since I like to keep my sides short, and had been contemplating FUE due to concerns about this.
Still, I'd rather have hair on the top of my head and slightly larger donor scar, than no donor scar and be bald. Let's see what the coming months hold. Exciting times! 

4-months-post-op - i decided to try spike front hairline.

I decided to try and spike the front hairline. This is the result, both with and without the flash. These photos were taken with dry hair.

4-months-post-op - these photos were taken with wet

These photos were taken with wet hair, right after getting out of the shower. The photo without the flash really demonstrates what I was talking about above, with the visibly barren patch in the left temple area, residing behind the much thicker hairline on that side.

4-months-post-op - these profile elevated hairline

These profile and elevated hairline photos show how the hair is still thin, but gradually growing to fill the bare patches at the 4-month mark. My scalp is still a little red underneath and this seems to come out more in photos than in real life. Note that you cannot detect the donor scar (or even any hat hair) with my hair at this length.

4-months-post-op - ahhh now this is what i like to

Ahhh, now THIS is what I like to see! Solid progress in the temple points. It's odd, because the hairline on my left side is growing much thicker and more solidly than on the right. But the temple area behind the hairline is thicker on the right side. I hope everything will even out in time!

4-months-post-op - dont blame it sunshine. dont blame

Don't blame it on the sunshine. Don't blame it on the moonlight. Don't blame it on the good times. Blame it on your physiology! Yup, that's right. A bunch of photos taken in raw sunglight. These pics show well how the hair looks thicker from the front but thinner from the side.

4-months-post-op - just few random photos i decide

Just a few random photos I decide to throw up here to show how much of an illusion a hair transplant can be. The first photo shows the current actual thin state of the recipient area. The second photo shows those grafts up close; still wiry and thin. The third photo was taken from further back with the flash and makes my HT look impeccable at only 4 months. Photos can be deceiving!