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Posted :1/7/2010

At 8 months post-op, I can say that I'm very glad I traveled to Canada and went through with this surgery. I'm extremely pleased with my results to date, and while I don't consider my HT to be absolutely flawless, I do find the cosmetic difference from my pre-op days to be utterly astounding!

The good:

-To the casual eye, I have full coverage in all lighting conditions. Even in harsh lighting, the transplanted hair (mixed with the native hair) falls in such a way that it shields most elevated light from directly hitting my scalp.

-It seems that over 90% of my grafts have grown. The left side is a tiny bit thinner than the right, but only when looking very closely. From afar, there's no discernible difference. And at only 8 months, I guess further thickening is still occuring too!

-My donor scar (which didn't close optimally and is wider then usual on the left side of my head) is now a complete non-issue. With my hair shaved to a 3 guard, the scar cannot be seen at all, even in harsh sunlight. Fortunately, my hair grows out at an angle that completely obscures the scar, even when cut at a very short length. I did not encounter any issues with hair growing through the tricho scar at different angles or texture to the surrounding hair either. No hat hair effect for me!

The not so good:

Note: These things are nitpicky, but I wanted to include them in order to reinforce that there are always two sides to getting a HT.

-The top of my head (recipient area) is still fairly numb at 8 months post-op. I was hoping this would be a non-issue by now. However, it's more of a minor inconvenience than anything else, and seems to be s-l-o-w-l-y improving little by little each month.

-The angulation of the transplanted temple hairline hairs isn't perfect. They stick up a bit higher than my native hair. When getting out of bed this is especially noticeable, and it takes a bit of styling/brushing to get them to fall the right way and match the native hair. The transplanted hair is still a bit wiry, so using a hair straightener does wonders. Maybe these transplanted hairs will 'flop' more naturally once they become finer after going through a few growth cycles. Who knows?

-When looking very closely at the hairline area, some pitting is evident and so is some discolored scar tissue where the hairs were transplanted. In certain lighting conditions (and at night when it's dark) the redness of my scalp is visible through the hair in room lighting. Again, with more time and hair maturation, I'm hoping these things will improve.

All of these 'cons', however, are personal things that nobody else has ever noticed or commented on. They only affect me, and I'm my own harshest critic!

Conclusion to Date

My overall conclusion to date is that my HT has been a very positive experience, and I'm very glad that I went ahead with it. The density of my transplanted hair is exactly what I would expect it to be, in consideration of the number of grafts I received and the area covered. Dr. Rahal did a superb job and make no mistake about it -- any 'cons' I have mentioned are easily outweighed by the overwhelming positive aspects.

I'm waiting with bated breath to see what kind of changes I can expect from 8 months to 1 year!

8-months-post-op - a couple profile photos with my

A couple of profile photos with my hair pulled back to show how the corners of my temples look. You can also see here that my donor scar is not visible.

8-months-post-op - some hairline shots. the first

Some hairline shots. The first three with my hair pulled back in various lighting conditions. The fourth with my hair how it naturally falls forward.

8-months-post-op - finally some comparison photos

Finally, some comparison photos to show my 'before' and 'after' status. On the left side are two Pre-Op photos showing the extent of my hair loss in April 2009.

On the right are two 8 Month Post-Op photos, taken from similar angles, and showing the difference HT surgery has made.

8-months-post-op - overhead views. the first photo

Overhead views. The first photo shows how my hair naturally parts and what area of scalp is normally visible from above. The second photo is with the hair brushed forward so that the scalp is obscured.

8-months-post-op - various photos taken front. the

Various photos taken from the front. The first two pictures show my hair how it naturally sits (in room lighting and direct sunlight, respectively). The third photo serves as evidence of what happens when I try to brush my hair backwards. Admittedly, it doesn't sit in place for too long - it has a tendency to want to fall forward again.

8-months-post-op - the usual bunch left right profile

The usual bunch of left and right profile photos. To say that I'm quite pleased at the visual appearance of a full head of hair at these angles is a massive understatement. Profile photos were always the most bothersome for me - but not anymore!