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Posted :4/6/2009

My hairline as a 21-year-old, back in '98!

pre-op-photos - fast-forward 11 years and... oh dear

Fast-forward 11 years, and... Oh dear! This photo of the top-front is telling.

pre-op-photos - my mid-scalp mid-forelock have become

My mid-scalp and mid-forelock have become really diffused and limp.

pre-op-photos - overhead shot. ouch

Overhead shot. Ouch!

pre-op-photos - my right profile looks okay amount

My right profile looks okay, but the amount of temple recession is evident on both sides.

pre-op-photos -

Here are a random assortment of pre-op pictures that show my current degree of hairloss. My goal with Dr. Rahal is to have a hair transplant of approximately 3,500 grafts into the hairline, temples, and mid-scalp region in order to rebuild the hairline and increase density.