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Posted :2/17/2009

day-of-procedure - this was hair line that dr. cooley

This was the hair line that Dr. Cooley and I agreed upon. The only goal I communicated to Dr. Cooley was that I wanted a strengthened mature hair line. Based on his previous work and our conversation during my consult I was confident he didn't need my input and I believe I was right. Read "Latinlotus'" blog for further thoughts on this point but we are both of the opinion that minimal input should be provided by the patient. If you've selected the right doctor by doing your homework prior to your consult you'll know what you can expect from their previous work. Craftsmen either know what they're doing or they don't and if they don't all the direction from you isn't going to help you arrive at your desired outcome. If you've ever been to a new barber and spent several minutes explaining how you wanted your hair cut only to have the barber completely disregard your directions you understand the concept I'm referring to. While I'm sure Dr. Cooley is open to compromise I think it's best to find a doctor who shares your philosophy and can show you what you had hoped to see with minimal if any direction on your part.