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Posted :11/16/2012

Sleeping: I have had better nights than last night.  The Doctor instructed me to sleep at a 45-degree angle for the first three nights. However, last night I awoke at one point lying flat, and in my haze I barely recollected my procedure earlier in the day.  By morning time the dull ache in my donor area reminded me of the procedure.

Pain: The dull ache from the donor area (staples) is about all the discomfort I am experiencing.  I took one Vicodin last night, but none so far today.  I am able to work from home. So far, so good.  Very similar to the first procedure.

Recipient area: The recipient area is decidedly less bloody (and less densely populated with new hairs) than after the first session.  Perhaps this is because some of the hair transplanted in the first session provides some concealment; perhaps it is because only half the grafts were implanted.  In any event, so far this recipient area seems to be in better shape than following the first session.

First vs. second procedure: The biggest difference between the first and second session was duration; the second session finished much earlier in the day, likely because it required transplantation of only half the graft count as the first session.  Additionally, I find I am much more "chilled out" after this session.  I even walked home from the surgeon's office (only ten minutes) and joined a conference call straightaway.   Additionally, Dr Bernstein indicated that he placed many of the grafts in areas where there was deficiency following the first session.

1-day-post-2nd-ht - second session this is about best

Second session (this is about the best photo of my hair that I have seen since my teenage years)

1-day-post-2nd-ht - second session

Second session

1-day-post-2nd-ht - birds eye photo first session

Bird's eye photo from first session (for comparison)

1-day-post-2nd-ht - second session birds eye

Second session (bird's eye)