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Posted :1/5/2011

The overall operation was fine.  Basic steps were

  1. Draw the hairline (this took two minutes, a couple of tries and erases)
  2. Administer Valium and Cortisone shots
  3. Numb the donor and recipient area with Novocaine
  4. Excise the donor strip (now I see why they used the valium...pretty sure the cut the edges and then tore out by hand)
  5. Created the recipient sites for the grafts
  6. Five people then started dissecting the strip
  7. Insertion of grafts into recipient sites.  This took *forever* (about 5 hours) with three people performing the insertions (one behind, one at each side)
In all honesty, the least pleasant part of the procedure was the boredom during the graft insertion.  I watched four movies and became pretty restless in the chair.  Not a huge amount of pain; sometimes I could peel pinching as they inserted the grafts, at which point I simply asked for more novocaine.Sleeping: last night was not so bad.  They instructed me to sleep at a 45-degree angle for the first three nights. I stacked a few pillows in the corner of my bed (corner of the wall, too) and lay backwards.  The nighttime dose of Valium surely helped.
Morning after: The morning after I woke up, ate breakfast, took my anti-swelling pills, and then removed the bandages.  See photos below.  It looks pretty nasty and is rather numb in the recipient sites.  I took a shower, allowing direct flow of water onto the donor areas to clean out the "gunk" (likely Bacitracin) from the surgery.  This did not hurt.  I also dabbed GraftCyte shampoo onto the recipient sites with a soft surgical sponge; it did not hurt but I was paranoid about disturbing the grafts.  I rinsed by pouring water from a cup over the recipient area.Pain: I have a dull ache from the donor area (staples).  That's about it.  I took one Vicodin last night, but none so far today.  I am able to work from home. So far, so good. Quick note on movie selection: The first movie I selected was "Zack and Miri Make a Porno." In general, I advise against watching movies with the word "porno" in it during the operation.  The funny scenes induced audible laughter from the "dissection" crews (hope it didn't lead to ruined grafts), and the sex scenes were as awkward as watching a sex scene with your parents at age 14.

1-day-post-ht - front day after prior to shower

Front (day after prior to shower)

1-day-post-ht - top day after prior to shower

Top (day after prior to shower)