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Posted :1/11/2011

The first week has passed and most of my newly placed soldiers appear to holding their position, a great improvement over the "French Army" style retreat of my hairline during the past 15 years.Sleeping: I continue to sleep at a 45-degree angle, now of my own volition.  Sleeping at this angle takes some pressure off the staples, which are sore under the pressure of my head, and allows me to avoid direct pressure or rubbing on the recipient area.  Tonight I am considering sleeping as usual as my research indicates the grafts are fairly well in place.Pain: Only a dull ache in the suture area.  No pain medications required at all.Swelling: Gone.  I never had much to begin with.
Numbness: Transplanted
area still has dramatically reduced sensation.  For whatever reason this does not concern me.
Redness: The redness has faded (see photos below).
This has been replaced by...Scabs: The recipient area now has a number of small scabs encapsulating the shafts of the hair.  These have been present for some time and create a "minefield" like appearance.  I have not yet soaked or massaged the recipient area due to concerns of disturbing the grafts.  I may start soaking and massaging the recipient area tomorrow.

1-week-post-ht - front


1-week-post-ht - top in sunlight

Top (in sunlight)

1-week-post-ht - donor staples/scar side

Donor staples/scar (side)