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Posted :1/22/2011

All is well and things are progressing smoothly, with one minor hiccup: I trimmed my hair!  Bad idea!
The motivation for the trimming was a desire to reduce the contrast between my long, native hair on the sides/back and the extremely short transplanted hair on the top/front.  While the frontal view (in my opinion) now looks better and achieved a reduction in contrast, the shortening of the hair on the back of my head was ill-advised: it now shows my scar/staples at points, and reveals an awkward thin line of hair along the scar.  I trimmed using a number 4 on my hair trimmer; clearly this is too short.Also, In my last update I had half-a-head of scabs and dried skin; with some help from my fingers and petroleum jelly, the vast majority came off the next day.  Notes below:
Shedding: Not significant at this stage.  I've noticed some longer hairs coming off along the top and, in particular, near the scar; I presume this is shock loss.  Additionally, some transplanted hair came off with the sloughing of the dried skin/scabs.  I trust these were just the shafts and not the grafts.
Scar: Very red (and now visible due to my stupidity and impatience). Scalp sensation: Still quite numb.  I can feel the pressure of fingers, but no precise sensation.Recipient area coloration: Recipient area is mildly pink, and is particularly sensitive.  After I remove a hat or touch the area it is particularly pink.
Back to work: I went back to work and revealed all.  I had told a few people.  Others glanced upward and noticed something different.  Others had no idea.  It is quite obvious there is "something there" now.  My general approach with friends and close colleagues is to be candid with others about the procedure; most people think it's just cool and are happy for me.  No negative reactions yet.  However, I have noticed that females with some level of romantic interest in me reacted with very muted enthusiasm; I suspect they feel a bit "threatened" that the self-improvement will cause me to lose interest in them or "up my standards," which really had little to do with my decision to have the procedure.  Also, I may be guilty of over-analyzing their reactions.

18-days-post-ht - rear head after my self-administered

Rear of head after my self-administered and ill-advised haircut/trim. Note the thin appearance around the scar, presumably indicating some shock loss.

18-days-post-ht - side


18-days-post-ht - scar close-up

Scar close-up

18-days-post-ht - front