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Posted :1/6/2011

Day 2 update
Pain: Not bad.  Only medication I took was Valium to help me go to sleep; I woke up early in the morning (~4am) with aches in the donor area and took a Vicodin.  Otherwise, I have not needed the Vicodin at all.
Sleeping: Slept last night just fine (other than the wake-up), at the 45-degree angle.  No issues.
Appearance: Still very red; hard for me to distinguish much of a difference from the first day post-op.Grooming: I still use the GraftCyte shampoo on the donor site and the transplanted area.On the transplanted area, I place a dollop of shampoo onto the surgical sponge and then squeeze it onto the surface, and then lightly dab the areas I know have some scabs/oozing.  I rinse by pouring water from a cup.On the donor area, I apply the shampoo directly with my fingers; no pain.  I let the shower spray directly onto the staples to ensure cleanliness.  Afterward I apply Bacitracin, per Dr Bernstein's instructions.

2-days-post-ht - front


2-days-post-ht - side


2-days-post-ht - top

some mild crusting evident

Top Some mild crusting evident an inch or two behind the hairline.