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Posted :1/7/2011

Everything continues to get easier; or at least I'm getting more accustomed to the routine of sleeping at a 45-degree angle, taking frequent showers, and taking extra caution when moving around.Symptoms update:
Sleeping: Last night was fine.  Still somewhat uncomfortable to rest the stapled donor area against the pillow, but is quite bearable.  I try to place most head-to-pillow pressure in the ridge above the staple line and below the hairline.Pain: Only a dull ache in the suture area.  No pain medications required at all.Swelling: Very mild just below the hairline.  Neither noticeable to others nor uncomfortable to me. I continue to take Prednisone, a corticosteroid prescribed by Dr BernsteinNumbness: Transplanted area has dramatically reduced sensation, though my only contact with the area is when I pour water over it during GraftCyte cleansing.
Redness: The main issue at this stage.  It's only been three days, but am hoping for it to subside substantially by day 10 when I plan to resume visiting with clients, etc, and otherwise return to a fully normal routine.

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