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Posted :11/20/2012

Similar to my experience following the first session, five days post transplant the redness has tempered somewhat and left behind a network of scabs and newly implanted hairs.  This time around, however, the native hair very much helps to conceal the scabs/redness (in soft light) and the scabs are much less pronounced.  I still cannot determine if the reduced scabbiness is explained by:
* Fewer grafts transplanted
* A different (more shallow) implantation technique employed by Dr. Bernstein's staff and/or
* A different reaction by my body to the implants

Recipient area

All is quiet on the Northern Front at the moment; unlike the first session I have maintained most sensation in my scalp, possibly because of the reasons mentioned above (fewer implants set less deep into the tissue).  However, I am not 100% sure of the sensation as I have been gentle with the area.

Donor area

The donor area remains sore when touched and makes for difficult sleeping.  However, I have more than made-up for the lost sleep with a few extended daytime naps, much to the irritation of my colleagues who are waiting on me to complete various tasks.  Shame on them and their full heads of hair...

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