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Posted :9/24/2011

The last three months have seen some additional thickening of the hair, though I imagine this is mostly the "final result" (at least after hair transplant #1).  Overall I am happy with the results and the decision to have a transplant, although of course I wish it were somewhat thicker.   There have been very few side effects to comment on during the past few months.
I am curious to get perspectives from others on:1) The degree to which the second transplant was beneficial2) Approximately how long after the first transplant it is advisable to have a second procedure (I used FUT for the first transplant and expect to use it again FUT for the second).  Also note that I am only 31 and am likely to experience at least some additional loss in the future3) Whether there are any rapidly advancing techniques that may be worth waiting a couple of years

8-months-post-ht -

8-months-post-ht -

8-months-post-ht - a little uneven-ness with particularly

A little uneven-ness, with particularly some overly-thin areas a small distance behind the hairline

8-months-post-ht - un-combed