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Posted :2/18/2013

A little over three months have elapsed since my second HT by Dr.
Bernstein.  The infection I experienced following the first session returned but was not nearly as severe - and hopefully not nearly as damaging to follicle growth.  I am confident that Dr. Bernstein's preemptive prescription of oral antibiotics and topical solutions helped mitigate this concern.

Recipient area

About 2-3 weeks ago I noticed some new hair shafts breaking through.  These are hard to identify amid the longer hair from the first transplant session.  I think it's way too early to determine how much density the second sessions has added - but I know I am in the "growth" phase and eagerly await the next three months.

Donor area

The donor area has a touch of scabbing occassionally, but overall feels great (arguably even better than after the first session).  My main question will be whether I have enough donor follicles and scalp laxity to support a meaningful third session if needed/desired in the future.

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