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Posted :4/8/2011

Hairs are starting to break through and become visible, but the density is not yet cosmetically significant.  I seem to be somewhat behind the norm, but am looking forward to the upcoming critical months 4-6 post-transplant to get a better prospective view of the final result.
Updates below:
No more shedding.  Native hair seems to be coming back (though is difficult to distinguish from the new hair)
Scar: Healing nicely.  I am still aware of it when "stretching" my neck and when pressure is applied directly to the scalp, but otherwise no issues.  I am able to play baseball and wear a batting helmet without any preoccupation.
Scalp sensation:
The scalp sensation is pretty much back to normal.Recipient area (acne / folliculitis):
Recipient area remains slightly pink.  The folliculitis-driven acne remains an annoyance, but is also beginning to subside.  The number of new "nodules" has slowed dramatically, and the previous reddened nodules are starting to fade (but, as you can see, are still noticeable).  I hope the slowing of nodules reflects more the decline in folliculitis than the slowing of new hair emergence!

three-months - still pretty

Still pretty "bald"

three-months - very light coverage

Very light coverage

three-months -