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Posted :2/8/2011

I have enter the transplant doldrums, with the large majority of transplanted hair shed and a fair amount of loss of native, miniaturizing hair in the recipient area.  At this stage I look more bald than I did pre-transplant, though I gather this is fairly normal for this stage.Also, the recipient area now has quite a few pimples, many with unsightly "whiteheads"
Updates below:
Shedding: Most transplanted hair has shed (maybe 70-90%).  Some transplanted hair came off with the
sloughing of the dried skin/scabs, sometimes with small amounts of tissue attached.  I hope these were just the shafts
and not the grafts (given I am about a month out).  Also, I have noticed a pretty significant uptick in the loss of native hair (evident because it is much longer).
Scar: No one seems to notice the scar. At times I feel some discomfort (soreness, pressure) where the scar bends around the curvature of my head.
Scalp sensation: Still very reduced sensation in the transplanted area.Recipient area coloration/pimples: Recipient area remains mildly pink, and is particularly sensitive.  Of particular note is the proliferation of pimples on the surface of my head, which are quite visible, unsightly and annoying.

week-5-post-ht - pre-ht top for comparison


Pre-HT top (for comparison) The hair is shorter (so less coverage), but I think there is quite a bit of additional loss of native hair

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week-5-post-ht -

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week-5-post-ht - week 5 top

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