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Posted :10/24/2011

OK, I know it's not anywhere near perfect, but I got to screwing around with some of my now-ex-wife's (as of late 2013) hair gel and hairspray and made myself a faux-hawk. My first one EVER (since they didn't really exist back before I started balding). I don't wear my hair like this (I'm not 17 anymore, and I think the faux-hawk is out of style now anyway). It's just so cool that I can actually do it now, instead of seeing other people with interesting hair styles and thinking, "Whoa, I'm totally gonna go home and style my... Oh, wait. Nevermind. FML."

Also, I included a few final Before and After pics...

10-months-faux-hawk-just-4-fun- - you can see edges

You can see the edges around the hairline are still slightly hard to manage/fuzzy, but this was no professional hairstyle job either, it was just for fun; this "styling" stuff is still pretty new to me. And awesome.

10-months-faux-hawk-just-4-fun- - these two pictures

These two pictures demonstrate the very stark difference I experienced just from January to July. This combo image pretty much sums up why hair transplants are awesome, if you get a highly-skilled doc like Steven Gabel.

10-months-faux-hawk-just-4-fun- - im not actually

I'm not actually cross-eyed lol...

10-months-faux-hawk-just-4-fun- - here is me in 2009

Here is me in 2009, in Sasebo, Japan. I was in a mall and thought the gremlin was cool. Notice the shape of my forehead here, I have the extreme widow's-peak thing going on. Also, my frontal area in general thinned out some more in the following 1.5 years before I got my HT.

10-months-faux-hawk-just-4-fun- - two years later

Two years later in 2011, on a different deployment on a different ship, I somehow wandered into that same mall and found that same gremlin! You can see my hairline is a little lower, in much better shape, and my overall hair is thicker by a lot.

10-months-faux-hawk-just-4-fun- -