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Posted :10/11/2011

Here are some pics I snapped in my new house in Hawaii after flying out of the Phillippines and transferring from WA. Taken in October 2011, these mainly focus on the scar (or the absence thereof), but I snapped a few of my sides and front just for reference.
Here is the thread for these pics and more.

10-months-post-op -

10-months-post-op - and yeah. chillin my new couch

And yeah. Chillin' on my new couch, just me and my new hair.

10-months-post-op - the sides. had my hair styled

The sides. Had my hair styled a bit, so you can't see the actual hairline, sorry.

10-months-post-op - i searched searched took many

I searched and searched and took many pictures, but could not find my scar :0

10-months-post-op - finally i located it with help

Finally I located it with help from an old scar pic on my laptop. It's just a mild pink line now, with some regular hair growing out of it so there isn't any weird hair pattern around it anymore.