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Posted :1/3/2011

After surgery, Dr. Gabel gave me a lift back to my nearby hotel, where I snapped a few pics and then slept very carefully, sitting up in the recliner with my FUT incision bandaged up.

2-hours-2-days-after... - two hours after.

Two hours after.

2-hours-2-days-after... - and here i am at new years

And here I am at a New Years party only a day later; I wore a surgery cap and then carefully placed a winter cap on my head. Socially justifiable, since this was in Washington state and it was freezing.

2-hours-2-days-after... - not prettiest pictures me

Not the prettiest pictures of me, but it's what I call a "developmental phase." I was quite happy.

2-hours-2-days-after... - two hours after closeup.

Two hours after, closeup. I look pretty awful here because I'm super-tired after a long day.

2-hours-2-days-after... - here i am two days later.

Here I am two days later. You can see that my hairline was only brought down a little bit, but it is much more defined, and the overall density is waaay more packed.