OtherSyde's - Profile page 3-Months-Post-Op

Posted :3/29/2011

Well, here are some pics from the 3 month mark. Not anything spectacular, I was really about at the point where I would have been if I hadn't gone for an HT. I've been on Finasteride for several months at this point, and I suspect it helps any newly-transplanted hair to grow in more quickly due to not having to deal with crippling DHT in your system during its initial growth phase.
Also, see a much more elaborate discussion (and full-sized pics with more detail) on both my two and three month marks in this thread right here.

3-months-post-op - not enough to style yet still in

Not enough to style yet; Still in the Waiting phase.

3-months-post-op - with flash

With flash

3-months-post-op - scar looking still better...

Scar looking still better...

3-months-post-op - no flash

No flash