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Posted :6/25/2011

I got deployed in March, and spent the next couple of months floating around the southern Pacific and Asian regions on a Frigate out of Washington. I was kept pretty busy during this time, and didn't pay all that much attention to my hair for a couple months; then one day, after a haircut, I noticed that my hair looked way better than it had in years. I grabbed my camera and snapped a couple pics...
Again, I made a more elaborate thread with a lot more info, bigger pictures, and discussion right here.

7-months-post-op -

7-months-post-op - look at that. that is an awesome

Look at that. That is an awesome sight after 5 years of scraggly half-baldness. Still slightly thin in the back, but not too shabby at all.

7-months-post-op - heres side pic with some brighter

Here's a side pic with some brighter lighting; compared to the with-flash pitures several months earlier (and also before my HT), it's way more uniform and dense!

7-months-post-op -

7-months-post-op - where did scar go even with short

Where did the scar go?!? Even with short hair it's essentially invisible at this point to all but the most discerning of eyes. Amazing job by Dr. Gabel.

Here's a side-pic with dim lighting