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Posted :8/1/2013

Alright. Here are some pics from the 3 and 4 Month marks. The first three are from the 3-Month mark, and the last 3 are from yesterday, at the 4-Month mark...

[I didn't post any scar pics, because it's essentially invisible using a 3 or 4-grade shave at this point]

ht-#2-3-and-4-months-post-op - 3 months left

3 Months: Left

ht-#2-3-and-4-months-post-op - 3 months all transplanted

3 Months: All the transplanted hairs had fallen out from shock-loss (along with a few natural hairs as well, I think). Super-thin.

ht-#2-3-and-4-months-post-op - 4 months left

4 Months: Left

ht-#2-3-and-4-months-post-op - 4 months looking better

4 Months: Looking better! At 4 months, only a little hair should be growing in, but it's starting to look really promising already. Definitely way better than it was a month ago!

ht-#2-3-and-4-months-post-op - 4 months right - clearly

4 Months: Right - Clearly, my widow's peak and hairline have thickened up noticeably, just in the last month!

ht-#2-3-and-4-months-post-op - 3 months right - i

3 Months: Right - I realize my hair being wet in these last three pics makes it look even more thin and transparent than normal, but regardless, it was really thin even when dry. It's just obvious that no new hairs had started growing at this point.

Well, the "ugly duckling" waiting period is over! Now the fun part starts! Stay tuned for much better pics, coming soon!