OtherSyde's - Profile page HT-#2-6-Months!

Posted :10/4/2013

Alright. Things are not at peak growth yet obviously, but the 6-month mark is looking good!

First some dry pics, and then some wet pics to show true density.

ht-#2-6-months - right side.

Right Side.

ht-#2-6-months - left side - wet

Left Side - Wet

ht-#2-6-months - front is looking better thicker still

Front is looking better and thicker, still want the tip of my widow's peak to get just a little thicker...

ht-#2-6-months - so much thicker wet pics are brutally

SO MUCH THICKER!! Wet pics are brutally honest and don't pull any punches since you can't fluff it up and make it look thicker like you can when it's dry, but even now at only 6 months it's looking great when wet! 8 and 10 months is going to be awesome. Compare these to the 3-month wet pics a few posts ago; the difference is absolutely night and day.

ht-#2-6-months - right side - wet

Right Side - Wet

Left Side. Hairline looking great.

So yeah - Amazing progress! Rock-solid hairline. Dr. Gabel's artistry and precision are once again clearly evident in the density and patterning. Loving it. And it will only get better! :)