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Posted :1/4/2014

Well there's not a lot of development since the 6-month mark, I think that milestone was the crowning achievement for this procedure's timeline, which is fine, really. Here are some update photo at 9 months...

ht-#2-9-months - the left side looks great - strong

The left side looks great - strong, dense hairline with a good shape to it!

ht-#2-9-months - although my crown is bit thin i use

Although my crown is a bit thin, I use a #4 guard at the barber shop and my scar is essentially invisible. Eventually I'll have a small FUE session done to fill it in anyway, so it's not a big deal.

ht-#2-9-months - the front is looking pretty good.

The front is looking pretty good. Slightly transparent under the three harshly bright bathroom vanity lights used in these pictures (the 6-month pics falsely look a little bit denser, only because I was in my old house and there were only two dimmer fluorescent lights mounted much higher up, instead of the three bright vanity bulbs mounted right at forehead-level in my new apartment), but in any normal lighting it looks great, and I've actually been specifically complimented on my "thick head of hair."

ht-#2-9-months - this is just another closer side-shot

This is just another, closer side-shot of the left side's hairline. I think it looks very natural, a gradual gradient from thin hairs in the front-most lines with linearly-increasing density beyond.

ht-#2-9-months - again with crown - finasterides keeping

Again with the crown - Finasteride's keeping it in check, but my next procedure, likely around 1,400 to 1,700 grafts, will focus on rebuilding the spiral in my central crown region, as well as making the overall shape of the sides of my frontal hairline more round and convex (without actually lowering the frontal forelock any).

ht-#2-9-months - unlike left side right sides hairline

Unlike the left side, the right side's hairline ultimately came out slightly more concave/curved upwards than I'd have liked, but not enough for anyone but me to notice or nit-pick :)

Overall, my second procedure was very much worth it, lending much-needed density in the front and making styling much easier and more enjoyabe; wind and water are no longer cause for alarm in everyday life either, since they no longer carry the threat of messing up carefully-styled hair or exposing carefully-hidden thinness.