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Posted :3/28/2013

Here we are, the next day. I got back to my hotel the night before and ate a couple of Valium and pain pills to get to sleep, then destroyed one of my hotel's pillows by smearing bloody drainage from my incision all over it while I slept (oops... They didn't seem to mind too much :)


Just to be specific, here is my final graft count:

1's -394

2's - 906

3's - 247

4's - 5

Total: 1552 grafts


I will start with three pics from the night before in the hotel room, just to display the excellent and clean graft placement...

ht-#2-one-day-post-op - above - and mentioned with

^Above^ - And as mentioned, with a little bit of creative combing, I can fairly easily conceal the work - even the very next day! Rare for an HT procedure as I understand it.

I mean granted, I do sort of look like a bit of a goober with this hair-do, but it sure is worlds better than my first HT situation - which is to say, having to walk around with no hair and looking like I lost a head-butting competition to a rusty cheese-grater.

ht-#2-one-day-post-op - above - and right side.


^Above^ - And the right side.

We had to shave down my hairline about a half-centimeter back (it was sparse and thin anyway), for ease of graft placement. Fortunately, my frontal-scalp and mid-scalp hair is long and thick enough that I will be able to hide it fairly well, as will be shown in subsequent pictures.

ht-#2-one-day-post-op - above - the incision its little

^Above^ - The incision and its little black protruding sutures are still relatively visible, but I left my hair long enough this time around to hide it well enough to pass in polite society for the most part.

The Polysporin ointment making my hair gooey and more transparent doesn't help this situation, although it is a bit less visible out in regular lighting than it is under these unforgiving, ultra-bright bathroom vanity lights.

Overall, this whole experience has been a whole hell of a lot better than my first HT, which wasn't even bad, per se. I'll keep updating as things change.

ht-#2-one-day-post-op - above - left side... look

^Above^ - Left Side... Look at how much denser, wider, and lower the tip of my widows peak is now. Really liking what I'm seeing so far...

ht-#2-one-day-post-op - above - the front point is

^Above^ - The front point is a good bit visible, looking reminiscent of that time in second grade when my parents decided to dress me up as Dracula for my Halloween costume contest and conjured up the poorly-thought-out idea to paint the famous Dracula ultra-widows-peak point onto my forehead with a thick black magic marker and then they couldn't get it off for like three more days. That was a fun week at school.

Oh well. I've gone shopping at Target, Walgreen's, QFC, and a couple other places so far and no one has really given me any weird looks. From a distance it's actually pretty subtle, and with lights usually being overhead, the shadow of my frontal hair hanging over the area sort of helps to keep it in shadow as well.

It should be noted that that this being more visible is because I was extra pale due to it being winter; if you're in a warmer climate and/or have a darker skin tone, this would be a lot less visible in your case.

ht-#2-one-day-post-op - above - here is front...

^Above^ - Here is the front...