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Posted :3/26/2013

[NOTE] - Despite the date indicated, this actually happened on the 27th of March, NOT the 26th; this blog's format just won't let me make two postings on the same date, and I needed to elaborate a lot more on this date, so I simply changed this blog entry's date to the 26th since it's sort of a precursory blog post anyway.



So I'd been deliberating for a bit, and realized that although my hairline wasn't really low for a guy about to turn 30, a fair amount of my native hairs right along my hairline had fallen out (since Propecia doesn't stop frontal recession much) since my first HT, leaving only the grafted hairs which were fairly sparse. Now mind you, they're a great density for frontal scalp coverage - just not thick enough to comprise a good, strong hairline.

So I began planning my next HT... In a nutshell, I started planning it in late February, and within a month I was back at Dr. Gabel's office drawing lines on my head and getting stuck with anesthetic needles in search of better hair :)
So my goal this tim was a bit different; since we'd essentially totally filled in my frontal third region and since I'd scarcely lost any hair in my crown area (Yay Propecia!), my main focus was to greatly strengthen and thicken up my hairline and the area directly behind it, for the purpose of easy styling and for framing my face. We'll take a brief look through my previous timeline, just to reiterate and contrast against the intended changes:

ht-#2-preparation - above - here are lines we ultimately

^Above^ - Here are the lines we ultimately settled on...

ht-#2-preparation - above - here left you can see

^Above^ - Here, on the left, you can see the sparseness of the frontal hairline that forced me to comb my hair forward a lot and rely on delicate styling to hide it. These lines (left side) and projected ideal outcome (on the right side) I whipped up in Photoshop pretty much illustrate my general goal, although it may have been a bit ambitious with the intense density on the right. Still, ambition can be a virtue.

ht-#2-preparation - above - this red area is what

^Above^ - This (red area) is what I was really aiming for in terms of density distribution this time - having a stronger hairline all around, but especially a nice, strong forelock for style and that could sort of spread out as the main centerpiece.

ht-#2-preparation - above - the frontal thirds density

^Above^ - The frontal third's density came in AWESOME, as can be glimpsed from this two-day post-op pic from my first HT right at the very end of 2010. After all the grafts fell out, then grew back in, it looked awesome, and totally solved the frontal balding problem.

The second HT was mainly aimed at strengthening, refining, and widening the widow's peak - look at how much of a sharp point it comes to in the above picture; too narrow and thin to do much styling with at all. Aside from heavily beefing up my hairline all around the edges and a little bit at the temples, I wanted a widows peak tip that was a little lower and a lot beefier and more ideal for styling - one that could serve as a major focal point.

ht-#2-preparation - above - regarding hair you can

^Above^ - Regarding the hair, you can see the lack of density in the front. Regarding the shape of the lines, notice how the strip thickens a bit right at the point of the widow's peak, and also comes forward slightly more.

My major goal with insisting on that slightly lower, and more pronounced-but-blunt shape of the widows peak tip instead of a simple rounded hairline was this: When people look at my side profile, I don't want them to see the backward-sweeping curvature of my forehead shape BEFORE the hair starts, as that is indicative of a high hairline; I want my forehead to appear a bit shorter from a side-profile view, more of a "fore-head" than a "five-head," so to speak, and the hair to start before the forehead starts to curve back.

ht-#2-preparation - above - this picture was taken

^Above^ - This picture was taken two hours after my first HT circa-late-2010 in my hotel room; as can be seen, my frontal third is good to go; no more balding there! However, even observable here, the front tip of my widows peak is a bit thin (and also a little higher than I wanted it to be) since it wasn't really a focal point at the time - the main focal point was just to remedy the whole frontal-scalp balding problem on a larger scale, without addressing the details too much.