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Posted :1/22/2011

Here are a few pics from the 7 to 19 day range, including a shot of my incision; mostly all that happened at this point was that the newly grafted follicles released their hairs due to shock loss as they took root in their new habitats, and began to slowly construct new ones.

incision-and-progress-7-19-days - also 7 days you

Also 7 days; you can still make out the new hairline, although most hairs have detached at this point.

incision-and-progress-7-19-days - here is 7 days you

Here is 7 days, you can see the shock-loss...

incision-and-progress-7-19-days - heres shot at 19

Here's a shot at 19 days. Not much change since the 7-day mark.

incision-and-progress-7-19-days - here you can see

Here you can see that the hairs just sort of detached and fell out as I (very gently) applied mineral oil to my scalp and Polysporin to my incision.

incision-and-progress-7-19-days - incision is still

Incision is still fairly ugly at this point, but is a masterwork of double-level stitching, and looks pretty good as far as massive lacerations go :)