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Posted :11/23/2016

This procedure was mainly undertaken with the intention of bringing down my hairline on either side of my widow's peak point (so as to minimize the intense sort of "Dracula" effect), as well as to bring forward my temples a bit to frame my face better.

third-rodeo - just quick view my mature hairline about

Just a quick view of my mature hairline, about 2.5 years post-op from my second procedure - GREAT density, but too much of a receding-looking widow's peak.

third-rodeo - this is not me its just before/after

This is not me, it's just a before/after image from the forums, but it's sort of what I was going for, to a somewhat less extreme degree.

third-rodeo - and here we have strip extracted before

And here we have the strip extracted before and after... Very clean trichophytic suture job.

third-rodeo - and recipient holes have now been poked

And the recipient holes have now been poked and the purple highlighter dye has been applied to light up the holes for easily finding them.

third-rodeo - right


third-rodeo - left


third-rodeo - the next morning...

The next morning...

third-rodeo - next morning - right

Next morning - Right

Next morning - Incision looking clean!

Back at home in San Diego - 6 Days Post-Op!

third-rodeo - 6 days post-op - left

6 Days Post-Op - Left

third-rodeo - 6 days post-op - right

6 Days Post-Op - Right