PARKVIEW's - Profile page 1-Day-Post-Hair-Transplant-Surgery

Posted :12/30/2008

1-day-post-hair-transplant-surgery - dr. dorin placed

Dr. Dorin placed 2664 grafts (4679 total hairs) on 12/29/2008. As you can see from the picture, he created a new hairline for me, pretty much the hairline I originally had when I was younger. He filled in the temples as well. He also added grafts to the center, in and behind where I had remaining hair as you can see in this photo.

1-day-post-hair-transplant-surgery - more grafts where

More grafts where added to the center and crown area, although the crown will be lighter and will probably require an additional treatment. I plan to grow my hair longer from the front to the back to cover the crown.