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Posted :7/30/2009

Ok,  It has been 7 months since my hair transplant.  It is a little bit better than 6 months, still waiting for the back to thicken some more.  I just had a haircut today and my barber who has been cutting my hair for almost 40 years has commented that my hairline hasn't looked like this in quite some time.
I do want to point out that these hair transplants give an illusion of a head of hair as there is no possible way to replace everything we have lost.  My hair, right now looks great from the front, however you can see from my photos that the back is still lacking and the top of my head is light.  Lighting plays a key with these transplants also.  I still have another good 5 months to go before I see the full result.   Dr. Dorin told me that I would probably need another transplant seesion to reach my goals but told me to wait until this transplant completely grows in.  Again, I am not using any medications whatsoever...I also stopped using Toppix as well.  I am taking an adequate dose of Biotin each day, which doctors say helps with healthy hair and nails.  As of today, I would say that all of the money I have spent on my transplant was well worth it!  I am combing hair where it never was before!   More to come next month! 

7-months - back is still light

back is still light

7-months - after haircut today

After haircut today

7-months -

7-months - close up front

close up of front